Crash Course on AVRT® for Families of Addiction

First of all, let’s define the problem called, “addiction.”

From your viewpoint as a family member, addiction is betrayal.

In other words, someone in your family uses alcohol or other drug that makes her get stupid, ugly, rude, dangerous, angry, crude, irresponsible, gross, and/or violent.

That’s not nice!

Even though you want her to stop drinking, and explain why she should quit, she continues to drink. She might stop for a while, or stay sober in recovery groups, but the cloud of addiction still hangs over the family like a coming storm.

It’s hard to be happy with an addict in the family.

It’s hard to enjoy the good times, knowing they may not last for long.
It’s hard to trust someone who isn’t loyal to the family or to you.
It’s hard to respect someone who betrays you again and again.
It gets harder and harder to love someone you can’t trust.