Crash Course on AVRT® for Families of Addiction
Your addicted family member has become
an intelligent, well-spoken animal.
Whether he parties with others or in private,
he is a party animal.

Your addicted family member is a Beast.

Beasts are all the same.
They obey the call of the wild,
following the drive to survive.
His addiction washed away his moral conscience.
He wasn’t always this way.
He became this way when he
fell in love with the high life.

He became addicted
when his drinking/using went over the line
from just feeling good
to feeling unspeakable pleasure.

His addiction feels better than anything else,
better than his survival drives for food and sex.
Spouses and former lovers of addicted people
all know this is so.

He cannot imagine a satisfactory life
without the option of drinking/using.

His life is arranged around his addiction,
so that he will never, ever, be deprived of the option to get high.

It is impossible to intervene between an addicted person
and his favorite stuff. You have certainly proved that, by now.

Maybe now it’s time for you to use your power.