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The Mini Crash Course on AVRT
This may be all you need for total recovery.

For Family and Friends of Substance Abusers
Get AVRT going in your home, for the good of all concerned

Why Self-Recovery?
Great overview of the dilemmas people face when considering addiction recovery options.

Planned, Permanent Abstinence
Get a quick start on AVRT-based recovery. 


Addiction Recovery Through the Lens of AVRT.

This is not your ordinary, meandering road to recovery.


Rational Recovery Dictionary

Learn to think straight with clear concepts.

Alcoholic Blackouts
Some straight talk about heavy drinking you’d better not forget.

Stay Away from Recovery Groups
Protect yourself against the Fellowship of the Beast!

Recovery Group Disorders are Real
Based upon the beliefs and values of addicted people, recovery groups keep you coming back, and back, and back…

Is There an ASS in Your Family?

AVRT® will use your own family values and beliefs to defeat addiction within.

American Rehab Opry: the Family of Charlie Sheen
The Family of Charlie and Martin Sheen

The Evidence Page
The disease concept of addiction ain't necessarily so.

Have you been forced into AA?
Get to know your captors; learn about the Rational Recovery Monitor Program

Resisting the bureaucratic Beast.
Forced recovery group participation is a futile and harmful social policy.

Meet Your Rational Recovery Sponsor
You deserve the very best support.

An Inmate's Manifesto
Forced addiction treatment in the criminal justice system: the prison within a prison.

Where's the nearest meeting?
Discover the background of Rational Recovery.

Rational Recovery and Professional Issues
A taste of reality for professional counselors.

AVRT Outcome Study
Our alumni do very well, not that anyone really cares.

AVRT - Live!
AVRT: The Course in digital format! Watch a man recover on camera, and then do it yourself.

The Amazing Road to Recovery
Different strokes for different folks.

Harvard University: Why People Drop Out of AA
Social science states the obvious.

The Untreatables
Jack Trimpey frightens the bureaucratic Beast at a meeting of the San Francisco Drug Abuse Advisory Board. See this to believe the unbelievable.

Declaration of Personal Independence
Lay the best foundation for AVRT-based recovery.

What Your Sex Beast® Really Wants
(Continued from home page.)

See the Family Denial of Addictive Disease petition here.
Families may peitition the court to exempt a member from forced participation in 12-step recoveryism.

Subscription Pages
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Advanced Crash Course on AVRT
This is the crown jewel of addiction recovery. Powerfully simple and complete.

Crash Course for Families of Addiction
How to take effective action against addiction in the family.

Rational Recovery Discussion Forums
Guidance and discussion of AVRT-based recovery.
Family Forum.
Overcome group recoveryism. Rational Recovery Monitor Program.

Recovery Group Disorders
Groups don't help, and are often harmful.

Zero Tolerance in the Family
A frank discussion of addiction in the family, and a clear plan for a solution.

The Insanity of Alcoholics Anonymous
Destructive nature of 12-step recoveryism.

Taming the Feast Beast
Overeating uses the same "voltage" as drug addiction.

The 12 Step Program of AA
The steps aren't about recovery; they're about AA.

Of Course, AA is a Cult
If it looks like one, feels like one, and sounds like one, then you might reasonably conclude it really is one.

Embodiment of the Beast
When substance abusers get together after dark, they're up to no good.

Why It Is Good To Speak Out Against Alcoholics Anonymous
What wisdom can tentatively abstinent people have?

Suggested Dos and Donts
Trust your common sense instead of the professionals.


Landmark Federal Case: Griffin vs. Coughlin

Strategies for Families
Bring AVRT-based recovery to your family.

Love Letters to Rational Recovery
AVRT is not too good to be true! Read and rejoice.

I Object!
Who could possibly object to self-recovery from addiction?

Have you Been Coerced?
How to survive the seige of forced meetings.

Hostile Takeover Attempt
How the professionals almost strangled AVRT in its crib.

The Shortcomings of REBT in Addictions
How pop-psychology produces self-accepting drunks.

Trimpey-Ellis Debate 1994
Of course, Ellis had never been addicted to anything, so how could he know?

Dr. Beast at Large
Some who should know better put out a lot of bad advice.

Petition: Abolition of Publicly-Funded Addiction Treatment

Harm Reduction the RR Way

Rational Recovery Political and Legal Action

The Structural Model of Addiction
AVRT uses a better mouse trap.

BBS Archives, 2000-2003
This is a massive document, a three-year, running discussion of AVRT-based recovery with, literally, a cast of thousands. You can spend many weeks wading through this rich resource.

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