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There are no Rational Recovery groups, anywhere!


We disbanded the Rational Recovery Self-Help Network during the 1990's because addiction recovery is impossible under the guidance of people who have not recovered themselves. Consequently, there are no Rational Recovery® groups anywhere in the world!  

Recovery groups are anti-family, and strive to become your new, surrogate family based upon the beliefs and values of addicted people, which are the opposite of your original family values. 
Your drinking/using problem will be transformed into chronic, lifetime addiction in one meeting, and you’ll take on a new addict-identity, drop your last name except for an initial, and take on a new last name, “Imanalcoholic,” for example, “Hi, I'm (so-and-swo) Imanalcoholic.”   You’ll learn to shift the blame for your addiction onto your family with quack disease theories, codependency nonsense, enablers, bad genes, rotten childhoods, etc.   

Therefore, attending a recovery group is like trying to learn how to swim by jumping into a pool full of non-swimmers. They will pull you down every time and you'll die without learning how to swim.

These are just a few thoughts to get your wheels turning in the right direction after many years of being frozen in the moral rust of addiction. The
RR Website has all the information you need to fully recover from any addiction in as short a time as you choose. Read articles and tabs at the top of the home page, and then go through the Crash Course on AVRT by clicking the large, blue button at the top of the home page. The Crash Course is programmed instruction that guides you through the decision making process to full recovery in as short a time as you choose, free of any charges at all. Stay away from recovery groups of all kinds, avoid addiction treatment services like the pague, set your confidence for lifetime abstinence arbitrarily at 100%, and recognize all self-doubt as your Addictive Voice. Let the Beast count time, and you'll do fine.

That should come as very good news to you, because you are already aware that recovery groups are not only bor-r-r-r-ing, and the group’s belief system doesn’t make much sense, but the people there amount to bad company — people with more and worse problems than yours, people you wouldn’t likely invite home for dinner. Strangely, you may feel uncomfortable, or even deprived, to discover that Rational Recovery is about
self-recovery, and not a group project in which you receive the attention and support of others. Yes, in RR, your desire to hang out with other substance abusers after dark is viewed just as your parents might have seen it long ago when they warned you to stay away from bad company. Your desire to mingle with other addicted people is part of being addicted.

Here are a few reasons addicted people love to attend recovery groups:

  • You won’t have to actually quit getting high, but only “stay sober, one-day-at-a-time.”
  • Your use of alcohol/drugs will not be regarded as stupid, self-indulgent, or immoral. In groups, getting high is a disease symptom, like having a doctor’s excuse for getting high.
  • You won’t feel guilty about getting high, but only for the behavior resulting from drinking/using.
  • You will have a guaranteed right to get high under certain, “perfect” conditions, as long as you call getting high, “relapse.”
  • You will meet people less likely to criticize you or look down on you, on account of their own shortcomings.
  • To others, you will appear motivated to change, attending meetings in the evening, trying to become a better person, making amends, talking about God.
  • Evenings at home with the family can be uncomfortable, not drinking, and being with people who are mad at you.
  • You can get a sponsor to look over you, to tell you how to live your life, and to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
  • If you have violated the law, you can make yourself look insane — well, kind of.
  • You can hear fascinating and entertaining stories of drunkenness and degeneracy.
  • You can isolate yourself from the mainstream where alcohol and other drugs are available. You can kill an evening without having to “stay sober.”
  • You can meet other people like yourself, who love to get loaded and do wild stuff.
  • Sometimes cute guys and nice babes turn out.
  • Using your imagination,you can create a god of your own liking, probably one who only loves and tolerates your continued use of alcohol and other drugs. This, they explain, is, “spiritual, not religious.”

This list could go on, but here are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Recovery groups are public meetings. Anyone may be there. What is said there does not stay there.
  • Bad company is bad company. Exploitation in recovery groups is common, including crimes committed by members against members. Sexual and financial exploitation is common.
  • Groupers have not resolved their own addictions. What can they possibly know about addiction recovery?
  • The abstinent outcome of recovery groups is near zero.
  • More than 95% of newcomers drop out in less than one year, but not all continue to have problems. AA admits over 60% of successful recoveries occur without recovery groups, shrinks, and rehabs. We think that percentage is much higher.
  • AA claims to be compatible with whatever religion or religious beliefs you have. That is not so; AA contradicts the world’s great religions, starting with its denial of free will, its bald idolatry, and its subordination of human will to bodily desire. Christianity in particular is squelched, references to the Bible and Jesus Christ are forbidden. Remember, addiction brings disrespect for legitimate, moral authority, which is always rooted in traditional family values. God-as-addicts-understand-him is infinitely tolerant of substance abuse, a one-trick deity capable only of "love, love, love," that will literally love you to death. One way or another, you can do better than that.

Think first, before you go to another recovery group.

You have known for a long time, probably from the start of your love affair with the buzz, that you will eventually have to quit drinking/using altogether, not on a conditional, see-how-it-goes basis, but for life. We think you have been on the brink of full recovery for a long time, even as your addiction became worse and your problems mounted. AA is the alternative to doing what you know you must do, and that is why recovery groups are so popular. They are the course of least resistance!

By attending groups, you are selling out on yourself, in exchange for a one-day-at-a-time reprieve from making that painful decision, “I will never drink again.” When you say, “Hi, I'm Joe/Mary, and I’m an alcoholic,” you are changing your identity from the original person you were in your original family. If that is your intent, then fine, but there is no virtue in saying you are powerless over the desire to get high, that you don’t know right from wrong, that you cannot assure yourself or others that you will abstain under all conditions, that you need adult supervision, that you cannot leave town without connecting with others “in recovery.”

One-day-at-a-time sobriety adds insult to the injuries you have already inflicted upon those closest to you. Instead of endless uncertainty, both you and they need a guarantee that the addiction is over, and then the ugly years may be slowly covered by the sands of time.

Do it now.

Recover today. Stop the madness of one-day-at-a-time recoveryism. Learn AVRT-based recovery and quit drinking/using now, for life. You are on your own, alone with your addiction, all alone. There is no help for you, anywhere you turn, and that is good. You will find many experts on addiction, and many groupers to invite you to their "special" groups, but none of them will tell you precisely how to quit your addiction once and for all. Many will counsel you, drug you, and send you to hospitals for treatment. The fees are high, and you may as well sign your check with a paw print, for it is your Beast (your underlying desire to drink/use) that is making you feel so helpless that you would mortgage your life in order to not do one, vile act.

Rational Recovery offers no secrets for making your life easier, happier, or more meaningful. You are a pioneer in your own life, carrying the same burden that others have to answer life's great questions, unravel life's mysteries, and solve life's problems. We provide no surrogate family, social fellowship, no way of life, nor any remedies for your personal problems. We know that when your addiction is over, your existing problems will fade and probably disappear, and that in a consistently abstinent state, you will find solutions to new problems as they arise. You will be too busy living to dwell upon problems!

None of the experts, groupers, counselors or doctors
expect you to do the obvious, which is to quit right now for good. You will find information on how to accomplish that only at this website, and in the widely acclaimed materials produced by Rational Recovery®. If you aren't in a frame of mind to learn by reading alone, or if want to take the strongest action possible, or if you need to demonstrate to others that you have taken concrete action, call for information on AVRTeleConference, which is direct instruction on AVRT via FaceTime connection.

Rational Recovery has developed a new, exciting modality for addiction recovery, the use of audio and videotapes which allow you to completely recover in the privacy of your home. This development is revolutionizing addiction recovery, making direct instruction on AVRT by its progenitor, Jack Trimpey, available to anyone who can afford an alcohol or drug habit.

AVRT is free, free as the air we breathe.

We know very well that addiction brings bankruptcy, poverty, and destitution. Therefore, we post programmed instruction on AVRT-based recovery free of charge at the Crash Course on AVRT®. Many, many thousands have ended decades of futile struggling against addiction solely by reading the Crash Course on AVRT®. We often hear from folks years later, attributing their happiness and success to secure, permanent abstinence gained through the powerfully simple Crash Course on AVRT®. There is no reasons anyone should have to spend a dime to never again commit the one vile act of self-intoxication. Yes, we can know the future if we define it by what we stubbornly refuse to voluntarily do, and addiction is by all measures voluntary, purposeful behavior.

Be forewarned that our culture supports charity for drunkards, lushes, and junkies, as if they are disease victims or disabled. Considering what's at stake, you may choose to spend money you would otherwise spend on your addiction on specialized, personalized, or advanced learning materials. This angers your Beast, which will attack the character of Rational Recovery and its founders, e.g., "Just in it for the money." The Beast is a parasite, totally dependent upon you for its survival, and in its grasp you are an extension of its character -- dependent, resentful of moral leadership, jealous of anything that competes for the money that sustains your addiction. Your Beast does not understand that time and human happiness together are far more precious than any amount of money.

Instead of recovery groups, it is better to
subscribe to this website. Here, you can learn the essentials of AVRT-based recovery, get started with your Big Plan, and interact online without being in close quarters with people you would not likely invite into your home. You are special, and should not be subjected to the social cultism of the recovery group movement.

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