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The Crash Course on AVRT® 


by Jack Trimpey 
© Copyrights, 1995, 2014, Rational Recovery® Systems, Inc., all rights reserved.


This is the famous Crash Course on AVRT®, posted here since 1995.  Since then, when the Internet was young and no viable alternative to recovery group participation and addiction treatment services existed in our health and social service systems, many thousands of men and women have taken back their lives from addiction and recoveryism solely by clicking through the 28 flash cards linked at the very bottom of this page, "Bullets for my Beast."


Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®) has evolved steadily since its inception in the mid 1980’s, when necessity finally called upon me to quit my own long-standing addiction. Originally patterned after familiar forms such as addiction treatment, recovery group participation, psychological exercises, and discussions of brain structures and physiology, AVRT now stands as a simple expression of free will in the context of family values. The result is a much more focused, streamlined, and intuitive pathway out of addiction, as you will now experience as you click through the Bullets. Many go on from the Crash Course to the Rational Recovery Discussion Forums in the subscription area of the website. There, monitored discussion of AVRT-based recovery takes place daily. Considering what's at stake, you would be wise to read the best seller, Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction, and the latest update of AVRT, The Art of AVRT, both avaiable at the RR bookstore. Watch the home page for an announcement of the forthcoming book, Rational Recovery From Any Addiction: AVRT Primer. 


Below is a picture of the brain. It has a large mass on top, the neocortex, which supports human consciousness. Underneath, is the end of the spinal cord, the brain stem, and the many structures between the brain stem and the neocortex we may call the midbrain. The midbrain manages vital life processes and automatic behavior like heartbeat, respiration, sensory experience, emotions, and survival drives. In a very general sense, the neorcortex is the "human" brain, while the midbrain is the primitive, animal foundation for our existence. Some identify the midbrain as the Beast brain. 


The brain below is a healthy brain, just like yours. It is not diseased or defective in any way. Your addiction is a natural function of your healthy body. There is nothing wrong with your brain that compels you to get high, nor is there any neurological or physical condition that justifies your continued use of alcohol or other mind/mood-altering drug. Addiction is neither a disease nor caused by one. Addiction is chemically enhanced stupidity, literally crazed pleasure-seeking that results in an anti-family, immoral lifestyle. The disease concept of addiction disguises self-intoxication as an innocent act, and presents the reason you drink/use as a mysterious compulsion in need of medical treatment and exemption from common standards of conduct and decency. You are free to summarily quit drinking/using at any time, but the thought of lifetime abstinence brings you a cringing, sinking feeling. That morbid feeling is a sensory entity in your consciousness we call the Beast.

Brain: Homo sapiens 


Your brain is not you, but a part of your body. You are not your brain, but the owner of your brain, a human spirit, self, or identity ("I") that authorizes all voluntary behavior, e.g., your addiction. Your brain is not interested in you or your personal affairs. No part of your brain is out to get you, and no part of your brain will ever come to your rescue. In AVRT-based recovery, you are on your own, with no support, no sponsors, no cheering section, no rescuing deity, no brain to intervene for you, no nothing but your dread fear of going to the very bad place you fear most -- at the bottom rung, the scrap heap, or the glue factory. Either you will cling to your precious Option to get high or you will remove it from your life altogether. 

AVRT, in the ensuing 28 bullet-cards, is the map that shows you the exit from addiction that has eluded discovery for so long. It is entirely and solely up to you to take the leap of faith (in yourself, of course) into the unknown world of secure, permanent abstinence. You are entirely free to do so, because you are capable of operating independently of your bodily desires. In other words, you possess free will, the ability to choose based upon principles of right and wrong. 

AVRT insight
Scientific knowledge of health and medicine, including physical anatomy, brain structures, neurochemistry, genetics, family history, dysfunctional families, various kinds of psychology or psychotherapy, religious beliefs or the absence of them, and psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar illness, ADHD, and other mental health problems are irrelevant to addiction recovery. That you are here, instead of already recovered, is evidence of this in itself. It may be interesting to explore brain structures and functions and their physiological activities in connection with addiction, such as in the brain picture above, or you may be intrigued with the complexities of your psyche or mind, but delving into those matters will produce no useful information or insight that will guide you to prompt, full recovery. In fact, dwelling upon those distracting topics and discussions are perfect examples of the Addictive Voice: Any thinking that supports or suggests the possible future use of alcohol or other drugs. 

It may be difficult to surrender your belief that your addiction is a coping mechanism, an escape from the horrible stress of daily living, or a compulsive disorder rooted in molecular neurophysiology, but as you make that necessary change, you will discover that it is your Beast, and not you, that feels lost without the useful lies of psychopathology. Addiction is the only disease that produces victims who aggressively claim to have it in the absence of any objective evidence other than the natural consequences of stupidity and immorality. It is very important, however, to not have the disease of addiction because of the severe stigma it places on the addict and his family, stigma that invites discrimination at all levels — in perpetuity if known to the social service system. AVRT encourages addicted people to deny addictive disease, and to recognize the disease concept of addiction as original denial at the foundation of chronic addiction, i.e., one-day-at-a-time recoveryism

The reason for our abandonment of science, religion, medicine, and psychology is quite simple. (1) They don't work, (2) they blame the family, (3) they protect the Option of gratifying relapses, and (4) they divert your attention from the immediate, actions that you must take in order to protect yourself and your family from intolerable losses. Moreover, those disciplines and bodies of knowedge are easily incorporated into the thought style we call the Addictive Voice, defined many times here. Of course, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with any of those institutions; it's just that when it comes to addiction, they divert addicted people from immediate, decisive action and expose the human family and society at large to the extreme risks associated with tentative, one-day-at-a-time sobriety.

When the disease concept becomes part of your Addictive Voice, you will feel like a victim of circumstances rather than someone who is responsible for becoming addicted, for staying addicted and for immediately quitting your addiction -- right now, for good. After you have recovered, you may still be interested in why you became addicted, remained addicted for so long in spite of being aware of the enormous harm drinking/using was causing you and those about whom you care. Further study of AVRT may answer some of those questions.


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